I had known since the beginning of my decision to go on this trip that I would need to get a UK Visa. The price to obtain one, the patience it would take to wait for a approval, and the complex for of personal questions I needed to complete, were even in my mind. I assumed that I would magically have a VISA appear on my desk as soon as it came time to buy plane tickets.
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That my dear friends is not the case. As soon as June hit it was time to apply for a Visa, I had completed the entire application and paid the $350 for just the application itself. My advisors informed be that I also needed to pay for a insurance surcharge which cost another $320, but I didn’t want to pay that till my next pay check in two weeks. Well the two weeks passed and my paycheck came in and I was excited to pay for my health insurance surcharge, but the UK changed their application process so I had to apply for a refund and start from scratch, in this process you had to pay your surcharge before the application cost (which went up $10). I needed my application ASAP so a total of $680 came out of my account that day, to be honest I cried a little for a girl that likes to get the greatest quality for the cheapest price to see that money leave my account all at the same time it was pretty sad.
So that week I went in for a biometric exam. It was so cool! I had my fingerprints scanned, a picture taken, and my signature noted. With that I mailed out my application with USPS for next day delivery. I was so excited, I kept a eye on my package online and noticed that it hadn’t arrived at the right time. It was missing. Freaking out allure because It had special documents inside I called USPS. They found my package and delivered it, I also got a refund which saved me money, but not necessarily time.
Once the package was received it would take 14 business days for a response, lucky for me it took only  11.
On August 7, I found out that my Visa had been approved and would be sent to me shortly.
And am I happy to say that it is here.

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