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The Event – A Taste of France

On Saturday August 22, my mom came to my room at 6:30 a.m. and told me it was time to start our day, a day filled with cooking, cleaning, and speaking.

We had prepped the food the night before so it was time to start cooking.

My mother started on the Ratatouille, while I worked on the crepes (which in the end took me 6 hours straight to make all of them).

We were preparing a meal for 100 people. Only 75 had RSVP, but we were hoping that by the grace of God more people would spontaneously show up to support the trip.

The food had taken us the whole day. My mother worked diligently on the Ratatouille and Chicken to make it perfect for all of our guests, while Mrs. Tracy Lafler set up the decorations in my home church’s Stadium room to ensure that the guests felt like they were in France or at least close enough.

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The event turned out to be a success. No, a hundred people did not show up, but with the people that did we had a great time of fellowship and each of us enjoyed our meal and the time just to be in each others company.

2015-08-22 18.51.01

When it came time for me to give a little speech on the trip, I was extremely nervous. One of my best friends, Emily Strickland, told me “Belle, just act like you are talking to me. Whatever you think I need to know, tell me. You will do great.” That is the best advice anyone has ever given me. Since Emily and I have been friends for over 6 years now, I was comfortable talking with her, thus I was comfortable talking to the crowd.

2015-08-22 19.25.59

When I stood in front of the crowd of my friends, family , fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and some co-workers. I told them about my passion for the calling that God has given me to go to France and I was not nervous anymore. Words flowed from my mouth and questions were answered. I was excited. I wanted to tell them every single detail, but I knew they wouldn’t want to be there all night. I had only spoken in front a classroom full of students for college twice, and those speeches I gave were not as fulfilling as telling my loved ones where God will be taking me and what his plans are for my life.

When the whole evening was over and many people generously helped us clean up. I went home, read notes that people had left, and counted the amount that people had given. After the food costs and all other expenses were paid for, the event profited $1,080 toward my trip. When I sat at home that night counting the money I was expecting maybe a couple hundred. I was praying for at the most 200 dollars.
And then there it was $1,080. The generous hearts of many that came out that evening had not only supported me by writing beautiful notes (which I have scanned into the computer to take along with me) and attending, but by, also, giving financially.

I still need more support, but for the time being I can say that I have been more than blessed.

Thank you all who came out on Saturday to support the mission trip I am attending. Also, thank you to all of my friends who served alongside my family and I that evening by serving the meal, cleaning up, greeting people, and so much more.12 days and counting.

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  1. Lyzette

    I’ve been very proud of you and the hard work you have done. It was my pleasure to work so long and hard for you to get the word out regarding your trip.

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