Plus Belle La Vie

A More Beautiful Life

Some LASTing Moments

One week ago today (Friday, August 28th, 2015), was my last day working at Burnetti P.A., which was my first job ever.
I truly enjoyed working for the organization, where I had incredible co-workers and felt as if I was doing something beneficial. I had worked in the office just shy of 5 months and I can say with all honesty that I don’t think I will ever have a job like that again.

Some mornings when I would wake up, I truthfully didn’t want to go to work. Some mornings I just wanted to sleep until noon like other teenagers, but unlike other people my age I had to earn money to go on my mission trip. I, also, woke up and went to work every work day because I enjoyed what I did. I felt as if I had helped people. In the course of 5 months I open 204 cases. Which I kept track of the old fashioned way, with tally marks.

When the day had officially ended for me and I changed my status from “Available” to “Extended Vacation” I felt sad to leave the office that I had actively participated in for 5 months. I packed up my desk anyway and headed home.


Another last for me this past weekend was that on Sunday it was my last day that I will worship with my church family for the time being. I have attended Heritage Baptist Church for 8 years and am truly sad to leave my advisers and friends behind. I am going to miss worshiping with this Body of people and feeling all of there encouragement and love surround me, thankfully though they will continue to encourage me from afar and pray for me as I embark on this next endeavor that God has in store for me.



The Event – A Taste of France


Lakeland to Llanelli

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  1. Lyzette

    I have been very proud of the money you earned AND saved from working at Burnetti’s. You learned a lot from your time there. It was nice seeing your co-worker at the ‘Taste of France’ and the support HBC has given you.

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