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Every Friday and Sunday, Wil, a fellow Gapper from Alabama, and I go to our assigned church. This past Sunday and Friday were our 1st times.
On Sunday, we had a great experience with a church called Emanuel and Bethansia, which is a Welsh and English speaking combined church. Sunday’s the congregation is mostly filled with people older that 50 and on Fridays there is a Children’s Church kind of affair where the kids do various activities and have to opportunity to learn some bible stories.
Well, yesterday was mine and Wils first time going, we were dropped off by our leaders and left wondering “where do we meet with the pastor and his family?” As we watch them drive off to go tour a chapel, Wil and I realize that we have no idea what we are doing or where we are supposed to meet.
So we try the front door, LOCKED.
We try a side door, LOCKED.
We try the other side door, LOCKED.
With that we see that their is a building attached to the church so I decide that we should check it out.
We walk to the front of the door and it is slightly ajar. So I think, “Oh they left the door open for us so that we would know where to go.”
I open the door and am the first person to step inside, I regret my decision as soon as it happens. I see stairs, the washer machines, a couch. Then I see a older man sitting on said couch staring at me like “who the heck are you?” I feel Wil try to push me inside more, as I attempt to retreat.
The only thing that comes out of my mouth… “Is this the church?” I knew it wasn’t but I didn’t know what else to do.
He looks at me like “heck no.” And says “this is my house. the church is next door.”
I smile and push wil out the door.
I am trying to rationalize this but all I am doing is laughing.
I had just walked into a mans house in a country that I am not even close to familiar with, what can possibly be more embarrassing than that.

Later, that evening when everyone was back at our house after their out reaches, I tell them the story.
Everyone dies. The Americans laugh, the Mexican girl is hysterical, the British people practically fall on the floor, and the French guy just stares at me like “Oh my gosh, who would do that.”

So needless to say, this is one of the many mistakes I have made since being here. More stories to come.