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“So, Have you been to a castle?”

Have you ever dreamed of being a princess and living in a castle? Or being a prince or knight and going off to battle or to save a princess?

I have.

Since living in Wales for about 3 months, I have heard it has its fair share of castles, but I haven’t really had the chance to visit one. With all of the training and traveling my team and I don’t go very far on our days off.

Just last week, Wil (is assigned to the same church as me in Llanelli) and I were invited to go see a castle. Of course like anybody from the States that have always fantasizes about castles we didn’t hesitate to agree to the proposition.

Today we saw not just one castle but two.

Like any other day in Wales since we came back from India it was wet, windy, and chilly. This weather though didn’t stop me, Wil, David, and Annelies afternoon.

When we arrived to the first castle we were told we couldn’t go inside because the wind was to strong and we might be blown away. We ended up just walking around the outside of the castle.

After walking around outside we decided we should go to another one. We drove until we found another one.We walked up this muddy path to the castle, thinking we just may be blown away. The wind was so strong.

We climbed through this structure that is older than my country and looked at what was made a long time ago and how it has endured many years of history.

The view from the castle was exquisite. For miles you could see houses, sheep, rivers, etc. Annelie was cold from all of the wind so we started our trek back down to the car.

Since we were all kind of chilly David asked if we wanted to get some hot chocolate. We agreed. So off we went in search for a cafe.

The first place we went to had just closed. (@ 4pm)

The second place closed. (@ 4pm)

Then we had given up hope we found a Starbucks and finally got a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and some sweets.

As David was driving Wil and I home to meet up with the rest of our team. I was asking Annelie if she enjoyed the afternoon at the castles. She said yes. I then asked if she enjoyed imaging being a princess in the castles. She said yes. Then a few minutes past and she grabbed my hand and said “We are best friends.”

This was such a sweet moment for me; as well as, a sad moment. I know I won’t be here in Wales much longer, but atleast I have the honor of being best friends with a 4 year old little girl named Annelie.


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