It’s strange how a random order of letters after awhile doesn’t look so random, but starts to make sense. Also, how strange sounds and similar words have new meanings and start to become clearer in your mind.

But that doesn’t happen without many mistakes.

I was telling (well, attempting to tell) a story about why I am afraid of lizards.
I was telling one about how I was sitting in a class before taking a test and I reached down to scratch my leg and I ended up with a lizard in my hand. I squealed and threw it.
As I was telling this story I accidentally used the word for “ham” (jambon) to say my “leg” (jambe). Everyone started laughing, even I did, but still it was embarrassing.

A mistake that I do often is using the word for “wind” (vent) when I count for “twenty” (vingt). I have told a few people that my sister is “wind” years old.

More often than not I say ‘yes’ to things that I don’t really want and ‘no’ to things that I do want.
Someone will ask what I want and I don’t know what they are asking so I just give a response and hope for the best.

I have a few inside jokes now in French, which is encouraging.

I understood a conversation talking about gasoline which was nice.

I understand what Pauline, Margot (Paulines Sister), and Dany (Paulines Mom) say most of the time, but when it comes to Didier (Paulines Dad), I neither understand his French nor his English.

My first few weeks my head really hurt, I think it was just the transition of not being able to understand anything and not being able to communicate. Now, I can understand quite a bit, but I still can’t respond very well. I relatively understand instructions, but when it comes to conversations I can get lost.

I was taking a face to face French lesson once a week, but now I am taking a online French lesson twice a week.

It is kind of ironic, being a legal adult and learning things now as a child again.