Not the name I first knew you as. To me you are “mom”.
I only have ever called you by your given name when you were distracted – a.k.a. doing something else and not giving your undivided attention to us.2015_08_27_07_42_070001

When I was in 6th grade, I was at the age where thinking y’all (my parents) weren’t cool. So being a person who idolized the mainstream, I didn’t appreciate you. After being told by many of my friends that you were awesome. I decided I would give you a chance to prove it. Today and forever, I am happy to say that y’all are my best friends and I regret not appreciating you sooner.

You weren’t just a mother to me. You were a mom to many of my friends as well. It is no wonder that a majority of the youth group called you “Mamma Lyzette”. It wasn’t just because you fed them, but because you listened to them and advised them.2015_08_27_07_42_070011

Countless times my friends asked me to come over, but not to hangout with me – to talk with you about what was going on in their lives and to ask for your opinion.

Thank you mom for always being an encouragement to me. A role model. Someone whom I am proud to say, “Yes, that is my mom.”

2015_08_26_07_59_540011Thank you for sacrificing so much for me, my siblings, my friends, our family, and even people we didn’t know at the time (because after a interaction with said person they were immediately invited to be apart of our family). You have shown me what it means to be a servant leader. You have helped me become the person I am today. Continually encouraging me to love our Saviour and unselfishly putting me in his hands knowing that I am safe there.

I miss you so terribly much. Enjoy your Mothers Day with the family.

I love you.