<< ABBEY, AMY, & NIA >>

I have been meaning to write this for a while, and now seems a good a time as any. I write this as we are driving to Ohio, to be more specific we have crossed into Ohio 10 minutes ago, screaming loudly. With that we have left our first quad (a.k.a. quarter) of our 2nd year at Wheaton behind us. The last 2 months spent with each of you has been some of the most joyous and forming times of my life.

You each have shown me what it means to love my neighbor, but even
more than that, y’all have shown me that we as Christians have the innate ability to display the love of Christ to each other. We have had to learn what it means to share each others burdens, to cry with each other and hold each other, to take the time to laugh with and at each other, to have wild dance parties for the sake of a study break, to find the most efficient way to wash dishes (i.e. music, someone washing, and someone drying), to unabashedly scream how incredible theother looks across campus, how to articulate our fascination, appreciate, and need for coffee, etc.

I am asked constantly how it is possible for 4 girls to live in one small room. All I think is, well I now have three additional closets, if I am ever bored then one of them will be available, memorizing everyones schedule is difficult, adventures are always entertaining, and so much more.

I praise God, for He knew what He was doing when He made it possible for us to live with each other. I dont remember every detail clearly of how we got to this point, but I remember a few details of how we each met, began our relationships, and how we now have the opportunity to live together. We don’t have every aspect in common, nor are even the same majors, but what we do have in common goes so much deeper and will last so much longer than any other relationship. That commonality is the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father.

A few days into the semester when I was dressed and ready to go to breakfast, thinking that I was ready for all the day had in store for me. I was about to walk out of the room when I heard Nia holler after me, “Belle! Did you do your Quiet Time?” At that moment, I knew that it was going to be a good year. I saw that no matter what came up in my life y’all would point me to Christ and remind me that my life is first in foremost dictated by God. You would remind me that my identity is not in my grades or how long it takes me to graduate, or what clubs I was in, but that we have each been created to glorify God and that is all that ultimately matters.

As I sit here typing this to thank you. I dont want to forget this quad (with all of it’s joys and challenges) or this road trip to Ohio (Abbey driving, Amy navigating, and Nia sitting to the my right doing her Econ homework). I dont want to forget us belting our hearts out to Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, and so many other throw backs as we navigate to Columbus. We all needed this car ride for different reasons. I am excited to spend this break with y’all, but also to return to the room that we have made our home and finish out this semester and year strong.

I could say so much more, but I hope that you know that I love you all so much. Looking forward too many more memories.

With Joy that is only found in Christ,


P.S.If you have read this and are not one of my roommates, then you now know how incredibly blessed I am.