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The Little Things

I am now back in Wales for a few days finishing up some last minute details for my stay in France (I will be back in France on the 14th of January).

During my last 4 months, I have seen different characteristics of God.

A recurring one is the fact that he loves me and listens/cares for even the little things that I pray for.

With traveling I am not guaranteed much. A place the charge my phone, a nice place to sleep, food that is familiar(or food period), someone that speaks my language, a nice person, etc.

To be honest I have mini heart attacks every time I start traveling. Fears start arising. “What if I miss the bus?” “What if it doesn’t even come?”, “What if my plane is delayed, which means that I miss my bus.”, “what if…”, “what if…”, “what if…”.

In Lakeland, I didn’t have these kind of fears. I had a lot of certainty. If my car broke down I could call my parents. If my parents couldn’t come, then my grandparents would. I see now that I took those things for granted. They didn’t have to do that and many people around the world don’t have people in their lives to do that for them.

I don’t have certainty 100% of the time now. Certainty is not a everyday guarantee, but there is one thing that I am certain of now when times get complicated. That God is with me. That he listens to my prayers and he soothes my fears.

Many, many times, I have been afraid of different things going on. But God shows me that he is in control of the situations.

When leaving Italy I had purchased train tickets to leave from Avigliana to Torino, Torino to Savona, then Savona to Marseille on the 19th of December. Well, I missed the train from Torino to Savona, but luckily for me Jim (the missionary in Italy that I was staying with) was with me. He told me as we got off the train that the Italians are not known for their customer service. So as we were walking up to the customer service counter I prayed intently for a nice understanding gentlemen.
That is what we got.

When our number was chosen, a very nice man helped us sort it out, I would have to leave the next day, but it was sorted.

The next day, I missed the first train from Avigliana to Torino.
Truns out the train schedule for a sunday is different than the other days of the week.
Again, luckily for me Jim and Lori were at their home so they drove me to Torino in just enough time to catch the train to Savona.

With that… I had no idea what train it was that I was to take to Savona. I ran over the the customer service area – praying that the man that helped me the day before was there. He was. So I walked straight up to him. He told me to train. I found it. Got on it and sat down.

For me, just the fact that God put different things in my life to help me through the challenge was a blessing, as well as, the fact that he answered my prayers, even the little ‘petty’ ones.

There has been so many other occasions that he has answered my prayers.

From this I have learned that God loves each of us and he answers our prayers (with a yes, a no, or even a it is not time yet).

I feel very blessed to have this certainty, when nothing else is. I am grateful to have such a loving and compassionate God.

Pray for me as I make my way back to France on Wednesday and live there for the next 6 months.

13 Days in Italy

Back in May, when I was just graduating from Polk State Collegiate I met Lori and Jim Spoto.

Pauline and I introduced ourselves to them after Jim gave a “charge” speech to the graduating seniors at our church.

Once introduced, I told them about what I planned to do this next year and they invited me to stay with them over Christmas break since I was not going home.

So with that I went to Italy and stayed with the Spotos in Italy for 13 days.

I went not knowing any Italian and left knowing quite a bit about the culture, the people, the customs, and a few pounds heavier from all of the fantastic food.

I saw many beautiful things in Italy, such as:

The city of Torino (Turin)

The Mole Antonelliana in Torino

The Sacra di San Michele (also, while here I saw the Alpes)

I was able to see and be apart of a blossoming church, which was established by the Spotos. When the Spotos were speaking about their church back in May, I didn’t entirely understand the gravity of having a church in Italy, but since being there and experiencing it I now know what it means to be a missionary, and to be one in a different country with different cultures and being seperated from your family.

While staying with the Spotos I was invited to many different dinners, along with them.

I had such good food, such as:

A genuine Italian Pizza


and Gelato

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I loved my time in Italy and had fun meeting so many people. The only awkard thing was doing the kisses on the cheeks.
At first I didn’t know which cheek to start the kiss on and then by the end I was so used to the kisses that when someone gave me a hug I was rigid, because I didnt know what they were doing.

I love Italy and pray that I can go back one day and see the Spotos again. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank them enough for their kindness and generosity toward me during my stay in Italy.

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