Financial Support – Pray that financial support continues to come in. I do not have all of the support I need for France. I have been using most of my own personal savings to pay for many things since being here such as plane tickets and other things for India, but my personal savings are running short since I do not have a job and will not be allowed to have a job while in France.

Staying in France for 6 months – It is happening, pray for me as I go back to Wales for 11 more days to prepare for my placement in France. I am excited. Pray that I meet many people and can impact people for the Gospel.

Christmas Break – My team and I have a month off to travel either home or to other places. All of my other teammates will be going to see there family for Christmas, I will not be. This is hard for me, but I am also excited with all that I am doing during this time. Pray for safe travel to Italy and France then back to the UK to finish my training. Update: Traveling to Italy was successful, traveling from Italy to France was also very successful. It has been nice being in both countries, but I do miss my family during this season.

Visa for France – There is many obstacles to jump over to actually get this. Coordinating with my parents is tough because of the time difference. Update: As of right now there does not seem to be any more obstacles. I just have to wait to see if it is approved or not. This will be found out in two to three weeks.Answered: From submitting application to the day my passport came back in the mail was just a week and a half. I was so excited when I received my visa and held it in my hands. It was so rea and it meant that I was going that everything has started to fall into place. I AM OFF TO FRANCE!!!

Trip to India – I will be gone for 3 weeks and will be traveling all through India, observing the culture and just really interacting with the Indian people. Thank you: for your prayers as my team and I were in India. We had such a good time and learned so much.

Safety and Health in India – with all of the traveling there may be some risks with safety and there is a high probably of illness from eating different things or accidentally having a sip of water. Answered:None of us had ended up ill during our time in India. Some of us may of had to use the restroom more than usual, but besides that fact India treated us well.

Open Mind and a Compassionate Heart – the Indian culture is very different from my own culture back in America and the culture in Wales. I know that the hardest thing for me is seeing the people beg. I have already been warned to not give because when you give to one person 50 more people show up and you can not help them all. Answered:While here I saw much poverty and I saw many people beg. It pained me to see this, but it brought me joy to see that other people have set up to help these people. Also, it was so cool to see different things that they do, I earned so much from them.

Struggling with the 10 and a half Hour time difference from my family and friends while in India. Answered:I had originally fear that this time difference would mean that i would not be able to speak to my family very often, but that was quit the opposite. I spoke to them quite frequently. It was strange though that when I woke p in the morning my family was just going to sleep.

Endurance – my teammates and I will be exhausted from jet-lag and the long travel to India, inside India, and back home from India. Answered:The travel was long going to India, around India, and back from India, but it was fun. My team and I had to opportunity to experience so many cool things.